Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

Afternoon Poetics Talks • UB Media Study • 232 Center for the Arts
1-1:50 pm."EPC@20" Opening: Steve McCaffery; Danny Snelson; Laura Shackelford
2-2:40 pm. cris cheek: "Distance No Object." Intro by Ethan Hayden
3-3:40 pm. Elizabeth Willis: "On Wildness and Poetic Form." Intro by Michael Flatt
4-4:40 pm. Loss Pequeño Glazier: "Making Not-Moth." Intro by Laura Shackelford

Evening Performances • Burchfield Penney • 1300 Elmwood, Buffalo
7 pm. Tammy McGovern; Danny Snelson; Wooden Cities with Ethan Hayden.
Intro by Morgan Stewart
8-10 pm. Readings/Performances: Joan Retallack; cris cheek; Tony Conrad.
Intro by Loss Pequeño Glazier

Friday, Sept. 12, 2014

Afternoon Reading & Talks • UB Center for the Arts Screening Room • 112 CFA
1 pm. "EPC@20" Welcome: Bruce Pitman, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
1:10-1:50 pm. Myung Mi Kim: Poetry Reading. Intro by Loss Pequeño Glazier
1:50-2:30 pm. Joan Retallack: "Gertrude Stein & Modernist Visual Art:
What is the Question?"
Intro by Jack Krick
2:40-3:40 pm. Charles Bernstein: "The Pataque(e)rical Wager: Midrashic
Antinomianism and the Authority of Bent Studies".
Intro by cris cheek
4-4:50 pm. On "EPC@20": Bernstein, Glazier, Krick, Shackelford, Snelson. Plenary Conversation

Evening Performances • Burchfield Penney • 1300 Elmwood, Buffalo
7 pm. Cecilia Vicuña Performance.
Intro by Dennis Tedlock
8-10 pm. Readings/Performances: Loss Pequeño Glazier; Elizabeth Willis; Charles Bernstein.
Intro by Joan Retallack

Exhibitions: "Abra" (Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin & Ian Hatcher); Pry: iPad-based Novella (Samantha Gorman & Danny Cannizzaro); "Enter:in' Wodies" (Zuzana Husárová & Lubomír Panák); "BDP: Big-Data Poetry" (David Jhave Johnston)

All events open to the public. Free Admission.

"EPC @ 20" is presented by the Electronic Poetry Center with the support of UB Media Study, the Dept. of English, UB Poetics / David Gray Chair, Dennis Tedlock / McNulty Chair, Bruce Jackson / James Agee Chair in American Culture, UB Romance Languages & Literatures, & the UB Humanities Institute . In collaboration with UB Theatre & Dance, the UB Center for the Arts, and the Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo.