Emerging Language Practices


Editors: Nestor Cabrera, Joseph A. Dante, Jr., Lizabel Mónica
Coordinator:: Loss Pequeño Glazier
Web Manager: Saul Aaron Appelbaum

"Emerging Language Practices", published through the Dept. of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo has a number of emphases: digital poetry, media theory, and creative textual and visual interactive technologies, among them. Our interests include creative work, critical texts, poetic games, interviews with artists, artist's statements, reviews, and other forms. Our most important mission is to publish emerging visions of poetic, theoretical, algorithm-based, and artistic "language" innovations that circumscribe new media practices in a most unique sense and with affinities to the Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) and historic and emergent poetic/artistic practices at Buffalo.

Thanks to the ELP Founding Committee.