Qartcode: A Statement: Mobile tagging: nomadic writing for expanded reading

Giselle Beiguelman

From Issue 1

Mobile tagging: nomadic writing for expanded reading

Mobile Tagging is a phenomenon directly related to the popularization of mobile telephony and the popularization of QR-Codes. It is a kind of writing practice for the reading to be held in transit, based on a bimedimensional bar code - QR-Code (Quick Response Code). In other words, it is nomadic writing for expanded reading.

0) Download a QR-Code reader for you cell phone if you don’t have one

1) Point your camera

2) Scan: (or download a higher resolution of the QR code here)

3) Enjoy it

Author Biography

Giselle Beiguelman is a new media artist and multimedia essayist. She teaches Digital Culture at the Graduation Program in Communication and Semiotics of PUC-SP (São Paulo, Brazil) and is artistic director of Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award. In her oeuvre she researches the cultural impact of the Internet and technology. She has been developing art projects for mobile phones, art involving public access via web, SMS and MMS to electronic billboards and art works exploring the cultural potentials of mobile tags and augmented reality. web site: