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Miekal And is a longtime DIY cultural anarchist & the creator of 20 years worth of visual-verbal lit, audio-art, performance ritual & hypermedia for the Macintosh, distributed by Xexoxial Editions
( Since 1991, he has made his home at Dreamtime Village (, a hypermedia/permaculture village project, located in the driftless bioregion of southwestern Wisconsin.  His hypermedia works reside at Qazingulaza ( including a downloadable version of Zaum Gadget, an hypermedia arttoy created with Hypercard in 1987. He also devotes much time to creating edible wilderness indoors & out, growing such things as figs, citrus, cherries, grapes & chestnuts. 1998 marked the creation of THE DRIFTLESS GROTTO OF WEST LIMA, a permanent public grotto/park/installation which when finished will feature a bird-operated time machine in a 25 ft blue glass tower.

Jim Andrews does Vispo ~ Langu(im)age ( and ( from Seattle.

Tom Bell is a psychologist in private practice near Nashville, TN, USA.  His poetry, visual poetry and animated poetry along with poetics pieces have appeared in numerous print and web venues.

Poet Loss PequeÑo Glazier is Director of the Electronic Poetry Center (, Professor, and Webmaster, College of Arts & Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo. The Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) has been listed in the PMLA, twice selected as the Chronicle of Higher Education's Internet site for the day, hailed in Publisher's Weekly as the "mother of all poetry webs," reviewed in Postmodern Culture 8, no. 1 (1997), and called "the first, and in many ways still the best, serious poetry site" in American Book Review 19, no. 3 (March-April 1998). As Director of the EPC, Glazier has worked to develop web content, making substantial poetry resources available online, and to engage the emerging multimedia environment of the Internet. Dr. Glazier's background not only includes study of canonical authors, literary theory, and innovative poetries but his studies build on a foundation of language study, bibliography, library classification, small press, and the "business" of publishing. Glazier's former activities as a small press publisher and librarian combined to give him an early interest in the possibilities of the Internet and led him to investigate computational based media, mark-up systems, and the languages and procedures of UNIX-based information architecture.

Aya Karpinska is a carbon-based lifeform whose frequent collaborations with silicon-based creatures result in projects favoring convergence of textual, musical, and visual phenomena. Her quest is for multi-modal systems of cognition and expression; her methods tend towards the non-representational.

Inna R. Kouper was born in 1973 in Moscow, Russia. In 1990, she entered the Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics (MIES) to study Information Technologies in Economics. Her field of interest is hypertext and other new emerging forms of text. In order to study more about it,  she began in 1994 to work at the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences (in conjunction with her program at MIES). After graduation from the MIES in 1995, she started post-graduate studies at the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences (ISISS). The theme of her the thesis was "Hypertext as a Form of Discourse Representation". In 1997, she took part in the ACM conference "Hypertext'97" in Southampton, Great Britain as a tutorials attendant. In 1999 she participated in the doctoral consortium of the ACM conference Hypertext'99 (Darmstadt, Germany) with a paper (published as a technical report at Aarhus university). Now Inna Kouper is working at the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences as a junior research assistant.

Dan Leshem is an English grad student at SUNY at Buffalo, fresh from California. He got his BA in creative writing from UC Santa Cruz and is interested in poetic translation which follows some method other than point-and-shoot.

Tammy McGovern is a media artist working in Buffalo, NY.

Born on 8th October,1939, in Lascano, Rocha, Uruguay Clemente Padin is a poet, graphic artist, performer, videomaker, multimedia artist, networker and art critic. He also edited the magazines Los Huevos del Plata (The Silver´s Eggs), 1965-1969; OVUM 10 and OVUM, 1969-1975 and Participación (Participation), 1984-1986. He has published many books and booklets in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, the United States, Holland and Uruguay including: Los Horizontes Abiertos, two editions, 1969-1989; Visual Poems, four editions: the first žOVUMÓ,1969, the last Xexoxial Ed., Madison,Wisc.,U.S.,1990  and on the Internet; Angulos, Amodulo, Milano, Italy, 1972; De la Representation a  l´Action, Doc(k)s Ed.,Marseille, France,1975; Omaggio a Beuys and Sign(o)graphics, I.A.C. Ed.,Oldenburg,Germany,1975-1976;Happy Bicentennial, Daylight Ed., Holland,1976; Action-Works, three editions 83, 88 and 1992; Peace=Bread, (Ed.Fluxshoe, New York,U.S.,1986; Art & People, Light and Dust , Wisconsin, USA, (1996); Experimental Poetry, Factoria Merz Mail, Barcelona, Spain,1999, La Poesía Experimental Latinoamericana, 1950-2000, Información y Producciones s. l., Madrid, Spain, 1999, etc. Padin exhibited collectively in more than 207 expositions and in more than 1.200 Mail Art Shows, from 1969 to 1999.

Jim Rosenberg ( was born in 1947 in Denver, Colorado, USA, and received his undergraduate education at Pomona College and his graduate education at the University of California at Berkeley -- both degrees being in mathematics. His poetry has appeared in several small magazines, including This, Tyuonyi, Interstate, Open Reading, Toothpick, Vort, and BUTTONS. He has performed his poetry at The San Francisco Poetry Center; Intersection, San Francisco; Cody's, Berkeley; St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, New York; and The Kitchen, New York. His works for magnetic tape have been performed by radio stations KPFA Berkeley, WBAI New York, and VPRO Amsterdam; and by the Stanford New Music Ensemble. "Intermittence", a poem for four simultaneous voices and conductor, has been anthologized in Scores: An Anthology of New Music, ed. Roger Johnson, Shirmer Books, 1981. He has constructed the word environments Temporary Poetry 10/73, Les Salons Vides, San Francisco, and Permanent & Temporary Poetry 5/75, The Kitchen, New York. He has lived since 1974 in a stone house built in the late 18th century in Grindstone, PA, with his wife and co-experimenter, the painter Mary Jean Kenton. He supports himself programming computers.

Born in Canada, 1954. Poem by Nari is Ted Warnell, artist and writer specializing in content for new media. His visual and literary works are found in real and cyberspace art galleries, and in print, digital, and Web publications. Ted lives in and works from Medicine Hat, Canada.
The works of Poem by Nari are results of a creative collaboration; artists, writers, computer programmers, and Netizens of the world. Digital code and data, program logic, information from cyberspace, all things digital, are source materials for creative exploration. Your participation is welcomed. You can send your ideas and logic, cyberstream data and debris via email to: PbNari <>
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