a journal of electronic writing and art

first moment:  may 2000



This section features electronic writings from mIEKAL aND, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Aya Karpinska, and Tammy McGovern.


A regular feature on electronic translation edited (and this time also written and produced) by Dan Leshem.

News of The World

This issue features an essay by Uruguayan writer Clemente Padin on the POSTYPOGRAPHIKA web site hosted by the Argentinian group PARALENGUA.

The Field Project

This series of interlinked fields explores the topic: Poetics of the Field.  Participants include: mIEKAL aND (Wisconsin), Jim Andrews (Seattle), Thomas Bell (Tennessee), Loss Pequeño Glazier (New York), Inna Kouper (Russia), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Jim Rosenberg (Pennsylvania), Ted Warnell (Canada).