Rust Talks tries to create dialogue with, between and among Buffalo writers. Its newsletter will feature responses by two poets, each to the other's work, or to an issue in contemporary writing or life; it will be available on-line and in hard copy as an addendum to the event. Rust Talks, the event, will present both a reading or performance by the writers followed by an open discussion with the audience. The open discussion format is an invitation to extend the conversation, and consider conversation itself, together. 



Rust Talks:


Logan Esdale and Graham Foust
Jonathan Skinner and Eleni Stecopoulos
Richard Deming and Roberto Tejada
Meghan Sweeney and Kathryn Wichelns
Michael Kelleher and Chris Alexander
Peter Ramos and Laura Penny
Linda Russo & Greg Kinzer
Barbara Cole & Thom Donovan


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