Valentine Files


What we have here, written expressly for performance on a computer, is a collection of responses to that ancient and weirdly evolving celebration, Valentine's Day.

In these works, text, image, and sound are converted to bitstreams that mingle in the circuitry of the machine. The results have been called epoems, cyberpoems, web art, net art, and new media. Call them what you will, they represent the work of artist/poets who have chosen the computer as their primary means of expression.

You've heard the hype about eThis and cyberThat. Have a look at these wonderful ruminations on an age-old theme and remember this: a kiss is still a kiss.

-David Knoebel February 2000

Thanks to the contributors and all the folks at who helped make this possible. Note: Some files require a sound card. Others also require plugins. These are noted just before the title.