VeRT(aGE): A collaborative collage created by Andrew Felsinger, Andrew Goldfarb, Kenneth Tannemura and John Tranter.


V e R T


"a rather backward Trevor -
hi, Trev! -" John Tranter

the name of a particularly refreshing vegetable juice,

a Norse goddess, whose colorless green ideas sleep furiously

in the hands of time, the green bench where

in stormy paradise

the white Irish girl sings to the guitar,

the sands of Io,

a vision of tomorrow,

a version of yesterday ­ gone but you remained for me

a green Buick of sighs, o Gladstone! -

an instrument of coercion,

an ancient arrow head,

an angular piece of ceramic tile,

French for green,

blue for Spanish,

ponderous necessities, popcorn,

Snyder's little turkeys,

red for turkeys,

red for rolled carpet mats

twenty feet long







born to follow

cast aside such inferiority

little suffix