m I E K A L  a N D  &  M a r i a  D a m o n


T h e  S h e l f  T h e  B o o k s


<< An Excerpt From pleasureTEXTpossession >>


She plays thread by thread, the color blue ancient & respected.
Grafted symbol to symbol, internal tattoos that hold have held.
Working girl waiting by the side of the rode to pick him up.
Open the Book of Organscream to the title page, by now.
Around my heart, on its red membrane sheath, there is a serpent-tattoo,
elaborate protectress of the Bloodrights of the Lady. Working girl
pulls over and unlocks cardoor. Car is an utter mess inside; driftwood,
white quartz and rose-colored spiral shells litter its cavern space.
Open the book of Illuminations to lessons on the History of the Aura.
He fancies SUREFIRE getting in, but there are snakes. They are not
moving KNOT slowly. Time is quick & energy is INSTANTANEOUSLY
momentous. He offers kisses to the KNOTTED snakes & rose quartz
heirlooms to working girl. THE WORKING GIRL WORKS ON THE AIR-LOOMS. The
car is a SPACIOUS wilderness, special obstacles the heart negotiates.
There are at least two TUMULT sides to every passion. The Book of Trust
has the pages about Liminal Leaps torn out, missing, penciled in with
cryptic longings. The book of Knots has illuminated pages, as if some
fire had gotten in between the front and back side of each sheaf of
text, making it an object with glowing interiority.