S a m a n t h a G i l e s


Dear 1,
The stenciled hand shown opposite, stretched too far, asked to believe.

Dear 2,
Circuit diagrams, road signs. Remembering how accusations had led to restraint.
Appealed to the evidence.

Dear 3,
A knot in a handkerchief can remind its illiterate owner.
One step, then another.

Dear 4,
Following the traces of characters invented and abandoned.
Histories begin to illuminate the subtle.

Dear 5,
Pronunciation of 2 as in 2+3. Engraved and printed on rocks.
Spell it.

Dear 6,
A secret was entrusted, guarded to the last moment, though still afoot.
Beckon, and without a word. Each is named with a codex portrait.

Dear 7,
Wait for a system of signals, regretting the loss.
Printed here horizontally in order to differentiate bee from wasp.

Dear 8,
Perhaps even an alphabet.

Dear 9,
Address the article: pleats cut off at the knee now carefully restored to its original height and form.

Dear 10,
Place in glass, rather than build a stone mound. Breath. Again.
Reiterating the final consonant.

Dear 11,
You will want to look for volume on top.
These particulars used to count the most discrete objects.

Dear 12,
Area is one of understated elegance. A week later, inseparable.
Search for a name, designed to be much easier as everyone knew.

Dear 13,
Walk in an assumed little dress. Tied things, broad, wide, sit on your hips.
Different shapes could be used.

Dear 14,
Unable or unwilling, so near, but also elsewhere and otherwise.
Gradually, as the sound of footsteps.

Dear 15,
There are certainly profound differences.
If we repeat this calculation four more times, we move from front to back.