A a r o n   B e l z

T o d d ' s C a n o e

Todd's canoe is full of plaster,
plasticine, and alabaster.
It has one big seat labeled MASTER
and a small one labeled SERVANT.

Todd's canoe is nice and wide
like the rivers down which it occasionally
glides. It has faux-birch on the outside
and plush purple velvet on the inside.

Todd's canoe holds many riches
and has been seen transporting pretty bitches
who do nothing but throw coins at fishes
and giggle, whispering their wishes.

Todd's canoe is nothing to sneer at.
It's nothing for another canoe to carelessly veer at.
It's an important vessel that hard-working oarsmen
gaze at jealously, for they have learned to fear it.

Todd's canoe goes really fast.
It's just a canoe, it has no mast.
It's not a play, it has no cast.
It's just a really fast canoe.

Todd defied the advice of his pastor
and tricked out a big canoe, of which Todd alone
is MASTER: a spiritual disaster.
He may as well serve Zoroaster.

What will he build with all that plaster?



St. Louis resident Aaron Belz has recently contributed to Jacket,
RealPoetik, canwehaveourballback.com,
and elimae.com, with work forthcoming
in Fence, Fine Madness, and Pierogi Press. His book Nineteen Harps
will hopefully find a publisher soon. Until then, there's http://meaningless.com.