R i c h a r d C a r f g n a


f r a c t u s s o n n e t t o


sensations have vanished

with vulnerability

construed as a constant movement

against the static moorings

of a wasted priority

numbed from random wolves

devouring the self apparitions

drossed from introspection

having sired a similitude

disinclined to speak as one

inveighing the function gravity mirrors

here between the iconic silhouettes

which clouds inflict

momentarily stilled with permanency




Ric prefers an 'alternative' mode of utterance. He is currently at work on the third installment of Notes On NonExistence: NonEuclidean Triangulation. A new chapbook: Equipoise is being readied for release by fall of 2001. His previous works include: Confluential Trajectories (1999), OfTen Years (Love Poems 1989-1999) (1999), Nitetome (2000), Porchcat Nadir (2000), Notes On NonExistence (The First Bifurcation) and Notes On NonExistence (Second Segue) (2001) Ric lives in the rural central Massachusetts town of Petersham with his wife, cellist Mary Carfagna.