C o r a  L e e  P o t t e r


S o d a



A quality infection
enters the wound
poisons the blood
in turn
damages the brain


Coca Cola

Where did the cola nut go?
We all know
the coca made the "negroes" insane
it was banished to baggies
mirrors and cold white marble
natural flavors


Root Beer

so pure
always ordered
in generic terms


Orange Soda

has it's own church


What is a Nehi?

Walking back
from the Valley-mart,
next to the House
of Confusion,
on steep Confusion Hill,
we all looked
like victims of drowning,
with our mouths stained blue.




Mother's Day for the Barren

four oysters to one
abdomen contracts

My Father
cracks crab for my mother
she tells me
my 22 year old sister in-law is barren
everything else
predictably scripted

my mother offers to share her oysters
I remind her of my allergy and say
I'll only have one.


Cora Lee Potter currently uses her Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and Art History to make coffee for spoiled college students. This is the first time she has been published in any form.