Patrick Herron




I s old ou t I 'm a se ll ou t n o lon ge r ke ep i ng it

pur e I so ld out I'm a s ell ou t no lon g er keep ing it

cl ean I s o ld ou t I' m a sel l ou t n o l on ger kee ping it

ti dy I sol d out I' m a se ll ou t no lon ger ke ep i ng it

crys talli ne I so ld out I'm a se ll out no l o n ger k eepi ng it

in my so ap di sh. Made in Chi na. Brou ght to Ame rica

on th e w in gs of eag les.






Your life has been selected from a row

Of a long line of rows. The table rests temperate

With names like characters sandwiched between percents,

Varied but ordered as they descend our numeric hill.

We lost view of it many measures ago

Before spindled noisy logs rolled us flat

And columns were erected to salute the preservation

Of ice-packed binary incredulity. The smell of your hand

Is followed by the successful removal of stains

from forgotten cherry popsicles bleeding away in a frozen manger.




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Patrick Herron lives outside Chapel Hill, NC where he is a data programmer, architect, and interface designer. Patrick's digital and textual works have appeared in places such as, README, Oasia Press, and in the recently released _100 Days: An Anthology_, a collection of poems on the Bush presidency (Barque Press). Patrick has recently completed two volumes of poetry (one is a conceptual work, and the other is a loose collection). He is also working on a poem-play loosely based upon Captain Ahab and
Oedipus. Patrick believes that, moral judgments aside, poetry is not always read for pleasure and it is not always written out of self-interest. Nevertheless, he doesn't want you to know he submitted this bio