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Issue: 4, summer of 2001, and what an issue it is! Go see Cora Lee Potter's work, it is her first time in print, er, virtual print. And to think she is in w/ the likes of John Ashbery. There are six poems from Eleni Sikelianos' book Earliest Worlds. Plus a review written by Jono Schneider. An essay by Patrick Herron about the Internet's relation to the *radicalization* of poetry. And Kent Johnson gives me eleven quizzes to answer-- see how I avoid answering each question. There are excellent, engrossing, lyrical poems from Candance Moore, Ken Tanemura, Elisabeth Workman, David Hadbawnik, Aaron Belz, Richard Carfagna, Bill Freind, Samantha Giles, Andrew Goldfarb, Patrick Herron, Andrew Felsinger, Jeffrey Jullich, & Tsering Wangmo Dhompa. >>

The Poem of the Week was a feature of -VeRT's for about six months. Take a look at what had once been >>

Acknowledgements & much thanks go out to Samantha Giles for her Co-Editing of issues #2 & #3. Also for her help in the design of the site. Thanks continue to go out to Ken Tanemura for his help as an Assistant Editor for issue #1, and for his role in the conception of the site.

Andrew Felsinger / Editor