S a m a n t h a   G i l e s



:/with tounges

pressed/ to roof

/distant/ imagine/ a

wetness where there

is/ none/ tongues

pressed to the roof/

words held tight/

wetness/ in the

direction of what is

subject/ to/ half/ less

room/for what

becomes/ the/

subject/ yet known,

like skin/ there is

less room/ the

tongue finds/

knowning hesitation/

within/ quick/ repeat/

then push /into

direction of/

circumstance/ like

skin/ pressed/ tightly/

into/ into wetness/

then/ repeat


Samantha Giles is a community arts program director at a homeless service agency in San Francisco. She also co-edited issues #2 & 3 of -VeRT. Presently, she is a singer in a band.