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crossing of words, language and its poetics, is an undertow, vectoried
Like John Giorno with his doubled-up pasty columns of reiterated poetics,
tions, states, processes, places, flows, and not all the poetics in the
The elaborate metaphor I'm working with is more than poetics. It's unfair
tain poetics at work that it's too easy to relate to haiku, mystery -
I don't comprehend haiku; I do comprehend zen poetics. I don't comprehend
think of incomprehensible audiences; think of the poetics of speech
of the poetics of technology and the bypass of the circulatory systems of
shrapnel beyond experimental poetics.
in the world, that a call of twentieth-century poetics has been towards
I've also been thinking through definitions of "poetics," not in the trad-
What follows is an attempt at definition of a different poetics - which I
"I think of poetics as looking at relationships among forms, phenomenolo-
This is a far cry from the politics of poetics, from the poetics of liter-
of poetics, how does number play the world? How does the speaking of num-
logics? And one might also ask, within poetics, about the relation of mu-
it is not the renaissance emblem or shaped poetics or signature. Instead,
escape-flight to poetics writing; on one hand, the interstice between
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:osophy. Communication here exists within post-structural poetics; what
:wild interpretation, and a poetics of the body that is at variance
:particularly based on a montage/poetics style largely dominated by
:with its exhausted poetics, becomes a last resort, the conjunction
:ing. I get suspicious of poetics which always seems to invoke Charles or
:_formal_ definition of truth, and on the other, there is a poetics of
:Clark was on about arrangement, syzygy, Olson's field poetics, distribu-
:net, just like poetics of a sort - a tablature or sonnet, and a field or
:poetics, theory of all sorts, narratives as well - so that it becomes,
Pardon me for interrupting, but are you the Alan Sondheim on the Poetics
I wrote of broken symmetry, in the midst of a discussion
Jennifer - hh Jennifer Poetics - jl Jennifer Texts - ee Jennifer Texts -
Poetics. Rarely, texts are sent to other lists as well, including nettime
Poetics (End of Saying Texts)
dreams are made of; there was much discussion of the Poetics list, and
Yours, Poetics
In fumbling about the Poetics list, making a decision not to send my wri-
the world is in the world. The Poetics list rarely considers hypertext or
sic to the body, to speech, to the history of being-human. Poetics in this
the Voice, Giorgio Agamben, The End of the Poem, Studies in Poetics.)
:Poetics - jy
:This is from Clark Coolidge speaking in Talking Poetics from Naropa Ins-