Chris McCreary

from Twenty-one Suggested Readings

Rameau's Nephew

We want everything imitation, be it impassioned accents or instruments of paranormal phenomena. The voice extends. It waits here, it is ill in its wealth, it holds still for forty years. He laughs better when he laughs during closing remarks. Let us recite the simple speeches, the usual pinpricks of inclination; our French is monotonous, its stresses smaller. The tears and shouts, the energy and the thrills, always becalmed by the forces of collusion - this collision exudes truth, and indeed in the morning the father determines that he is himself still the good son, and from him quiet comes. It is because false company is so instructive; it is for the loss of innocence, the lack of guarantees. With these false men, all becomes undisguised, and there they learn to hold themselves up and regard how damaged they are.


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