Kyle Schlesinger

A Report from Georgia:

November 22nd 2001

            And so all excess is plainly poor economy.

-William Carlos Williams

            We must assume in principle that in the remote past the processes considered imitable
             included those in the sky.

-Walter Benjamin


           Chiquita Bananas 24 cents p/lb.

                     one of these criminal...

Lighted Jesus Pictures $3.50

Band-Gold Plastic

Bandages 100

Family Pack $1.00

20 Freezer & Storage Bags $1.00

40 Ever-Fresh Sandwich Bags

7 inches x 6 inches $1.00

Snap Hook

As Seen On TV $1.50

Ball Bungee or

Lighter 4 for $1.00

72" Bungee $1.00


4 Traps

Special Value

               Blake, you get back up here, now...

4 Mouse Glue Traps

Macho II by Best Stick

              You don't see anything you like?

                         Slow it down boy...

                                    Blake! Blake! You come back here right now Blake!

CAT Racing

Oh! It's a lighter...

          Come to papa.

                      Stand right here while I talk..


Good Chicken

             Kentucky Fried

            3,000 bucks, I couldn't sell my career for...

                     I was an auctioneer for

Dixie Outfitters

         We have to go down...


         Are you pokin' me?

Incense Sticks

20 for $1.00

Dat der can't ford dat...
I see dat-
Dat? Dwut?

Dexter (five cent) Cigar

           With an ocean of water between

                       Oh mother! Oh mother!

           I'm willing to pay the price of the tea,

                      But never the pretty taxes

                     Oh never, pretty taxes--

           Her mother-a tax on the tea.

Adjustable Rakes $3.00

While They Last

Fight Crime

Shoot Back



God Bless America

Five bucks man...

Confederate Flag

The South Will Rise Again

             Joseph, git out o dat dirt.

                        Joseph, git out o dat dirt! Five times a day I tell 'em.

Aroma Rocks

                Just don't put your rocks on fabric.

                         Notice I gift wrapped them for ya?

               Do-wa-did-diddy, diddy-dum-diddy-do

                          Do-wa-did, diddy-dum-diddy-do

Hav-a-Tampa Cigar

Pleasing to the Taste

Sunbeam Bread

God Bless America

             Come on over and have some cheesecake

                            I called you all all day, yesterday

             but dat line was busy all day 

                         Come on over I say!

             Larry said you need to go try.

                        See what you can do.

                                      I dare ya.

How much are they?

How to Cook with Your Mate

Where's my mama?


Hot Dog $1.50                                             Funnel Cakes $2.00

Sausage Dog $2.00                                      Cotton Candy $1.50

Corn Dog $1.50                                           Candy Apple $1.00

Curly Fries $1.00                                          Pork Skins $ 2.00

Pickle $.50                                                    Pretzels $1.00

Chips and Crackers $.50                               Drinks and Tea $.75

Ice Cream $1.00                                           Coffee $.50 & .75

Hot Chocolate $.75                                       Slush Puppy $.75 & 1.00

Beer $2.00                                                    Water $.25

Cigarettes $3.00                                            Pulled Pork Strips $2.00

You're a butt hole!



Brillo Absorbs

In Memory of Mr. Eddie Simmons

Thanksgiving Project (new)

Items for Jennifer Fowler (Anita's Mother)

Victim of House Fire.

              -Thank You

              He look just like your daddy-got a big head.

                             I don't see it pa.


                       NOT CANDY

Look! A cow with two lips and no teeth!

Joel Glen Larry Adam Steve Bill Jason 

                        [7 Variations of the Same Belt Buckle]

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