Samantha Giles

(found letter on sidewalk 1.3.01 corner of Golden Gate and Leavenworth,
San Francisco)

Dear Bob,

I'm still in San Francisco. I'm not thinking of much. I miss you. Because of
some of the things I already wrote you. Somehow Robert I think of things
about you and like I wrote you the last time. I'll write it this/that way of
course. No course. Well I told it to dead and dead is dead. Even 1954 knew
that. Gone a lover anything 1958 dead is dead. So to also dead is dead is
some more problems and I feel better. But of course I don't know when till I
see you again or even know what friend I have some day one day. I was only
on the second half of my twenties and now a 48 years off. I still did not
touch any one sex since that highway road off the state.