Poonam Jolly



Something so funny happened yesterday that I felt I had to share it with u.
What started it, I guess was ab's laughter. He laughed and I said, hey I heard that
before. Even as ab kept laughing, I began to think hard, now where did I hear that

After a long time, when it still did not flash upon me, I started thinking of all my friends
and recalling whether they laughed like that. One by one, they flashed by, my friends,
finally I thought of u mark, and u know what, I just couldn't remember how u laughed. So
weird, then I began to recall how u talked and even that did not register, shit, then I got
paranoid and began to remember what u looked like and u know what mark, I've
forgotten that as well.

And to think of it, just nine months ago we were walking hand in hand and dreaming of a
future, we held hands for so long that they got sticky and we had to pull them apart.


Poonam Jolly is the author of two novels, one short, one long, both unpublished. While not writing, she spends her time exploring the million kinds of screws that are available in the market and another million that can be made available. Most people know her as an obscure architect in Ahmedabad, India.