Ryan Eckes

traveling in daylight on an open thoroughfare

to bind and hold the early affection of a married couple
please place this ticket on inside dash

lock car, take key, remove valuables
bring into the world beautiful, healthy, intelligent children

no employee has the right to change this conduct
to bring into the world unwelcome children is an awful crime

hereditary influences are potent and common
this is a license to park only

if you desire a beautiful child
understand it is issued for the sole purpose of computing charges

if your desires lean more toward the intellect
and not for the purposes of identifying the automobile

fix your thoughts on beautiful things
read your parking privilege contract

but going through life adequately equipped w/ knowledge
in no way represents that it will safeguard his car or its contents

the parker fully understands that the management
concerning the important functions of one's own organism

cannot hope to transmit such qualities as purity in body, mind, and soul
but that the management has only given the parker permission to park

at the time of conception
no bailment created


Last year Ryan Eckes earned a BA from Penn State and has since been working part-time jobs while he writes and tries to find a full-time job that isn't too horrible. He has also dedicated a recent nine weeks to wandering aimlessly around the country "freeloading" off people.