With this mail you and be sent the FortUna; not the fortune and enough, and neanche the Fortune with the capital F, but quite the FortUna with the capital F and the U. Here we do not attend to expenses. From today you will have good fortune, but only and exclusively if you free of this mail and you send it to all those that you know. If you will make it you will be able: - produrti in worthy sexual performances of King Kong for the rest of your life - you will peck always the green or to the maximum the yellow to the semafori - you will capture all and centocinquantuno the enclosed Pokemon the elusivo Mew - (for he) when you go to fish, instead of the usual trout you will pull on a sirena tettona been born for mistake with human legs - (for she) so in love he sara of you that been born you like a sirena tettona for mistake with the legs. If instead does not send this mail to all yours list within forty second ones, then your diventera existence one grotesque solitary... Not, from i, I have exaggerated: you have sixty second ones Falls to us: e' all true Puddu Polipu, a wholesaler of boreal dawns inhabitant of cagliari, spedi' this mail to all its list and the day after gained the Temporal Power of the Church to the lotteria of the parish Ciccillo Pizzapasta, an of campania cosmonaut who suffered from calculations, is taken care to disseminate this mail: when it was operated scopri' that its calculate were in realta crude diamonds GianMarco Threat, a domatore of rivers of the Molise that it had not made circular this mail, lost both the hands in an incident endured after having bought a pair of gloves Erode Scannabelve, a pediatra mannaro of Trieste, not spedi to nobody this mail: of its three sons one I begin to take drugs, according to within in Italy Force and the third party was enrolled to Engineering.