Rodney Koeneke


Sweethearts of what rodeo? Which ambergris?
In the crenellated head of whose narwhale?
Cocktail trays afloat in swimmingpools
Tell tales of light and simple fats
That crave the devouring, mother-minded sea.

Black waters to which river? What sunshine?
Which bodacious waves?
Some macho Artaud on a longboard
Hungry to ride the last glassy one in
For shore. Of whose head? Which ottoman?
Mom looking menopausal
And stitching up sonnets for the boudoir drawers.

Which Volvo? Captain of how much
Destiny? I'll take the one with handlebars
Then depilate the fuzz from grandma's sneer
Watch films as scratchy as Sasquatch
Sod lawns in the lure of whose clover?
What whisper? Which horse?