CA Conrad


Dear Mr. President this morning i called my cousin in Wyoming
his boyfriend was making the coffee like many good people do
in this beautiful country my cousin told me to tell you it's madness
you bring us when i told him i was writing to you today it's been
awhile since i've seen you in person on the streets of Philadelphia
you were waving and then you were speaking hey we've all heard
the stories of your cocaine and booze and i want to say i'm sorry
about your parents i'm sure other children of CIA brass need a
little craziness to get a little loose do a line of coke get naked and
run around campus were you freer back then of course you were
i'm an idiot for asking and i remember cologne when you spoke in
Philadelphia and i know it was your cologne you had that
i'm-wearing-cologne air about you see i believe there's a
big man inside you and yes we're angry right now yes it's
about war yes it's about many things the things men with
little time for love will impose on others and i wish i could
say HEY we're all going to be dead in a hundred years so let's
shift the pace let's forget about war let's pass a Let's Get
Naked And Crazy National Holiday i wish it was this easy but
nothing is ever easy with a man who has little time for love
and a man with little time for love is really just a man who
hasn't had love yet you haven't really had love yet there's no
way you could have had love real love and not want every human
body to have medical care if they need it have education if they
want it have more time with their families and loves like we all
NEED it Mr. President i'm worried your self esteem was damaged
many years ago and keeps you from seeing us out here our bodies
our black and white and red and yellow and Iraqi and Korean bodies
and we're all a little fucked-up with our problems but i know i JUST
know there's a big man inside of you big enough to really SEE need
and offer without hesitation because you can because there is plenty
you are stronger than your father's blueprints for your life i've seen
your fingers in person you have nice hands Mr. President and they're
your hands not your father's hands your life is your own it really is
it belongs to you and love is waiting i have a lot of love Mr. President
and i just want to press against you sometimes to let you get a little
of it HEY i'm so serious about this let's go away together this spring
just the two of us it's not a big deal don't even tell anybody i mean
you're the president after all but there's a marvelous stretch of woods
where i grew up we could smoke a little pot to wind you down get you
out of your oval office mode maybe a little wine i'm sure you need a
good massage maybe we could go to the creek and paint secret
mud symbols on our naked bodies like i used to do with my first
boyfriend what happens after that will be fine you'll see it will
be okay the break in the woods has the best flowers to rest
beside in the sun and you will awaken with a crown of honeysuckle
beautiful man that you are a real leader of real
lives who can change the world

with real love waiting for you