Catherine Daly


           how beautiful the feet of whom publishes peace

allow a pound of peace per couple

peace has a gentleness about it; peace can't withstand the heat
peace is temperamental

in Palermo, peace, though smothered, is so tender
tender without being mushy. peace reminds us of Spring in Florence

time for peace varies
time varies according to peace's size and age. peace has been carbon-dated 9750 B.C.E.
time depends on location

shell peace?
a mountain of shelled peace, tossed
shelled peace does not keep
peace should be filled but not stuffed with peace
peace is the seed

opening peace predicts small complications of your own making
seeing peace growing indicates vexation due to a relative's troubles
for a man to dream of shelling peace, an influential (or wealthy) woman is responsible for his success
for a woman to dream of shelling her mate is all talk and no action in bed

speak of yellow peace and a map of Canada comes to mind
snow peace, snap peace, black-eyed peace, split peace
chick peace (garbanzos), sweet but you must grow this peace yourself.
prepare peace:

snap one end
remove string

shake, don't stir (stirring breaks the peace)

luscious lies the peace