Mark DuCharme


Notes contextualize the bluff
With simply
A blue lake or whimper
Gone solid as my jolt
On the appealing foreground

In order to jack up the middle
Dissolving into character
Like a child in a small boat
Or slink away from the fabulists
Who rightfully have been dumbed down

To registers where they least suspend
& Sink into this proposition of flitting
Disbelief by holding the note off-key
Like a blue medallion

In other news, the build-up
Continues after this report
In which the result supposedly wasn't given
But is conceded by administration sources

Is news to me, if you study the final
Composition of the invasion forces
Moral, like a sprig
Of radiation after interrogation
By the FBI except it still goes on

All the time, like alerts of mod bombers
Who only give it away
In panic, after what was craved
By no one other than in case of attack
Administered & concealing