Gary Sullivan

War Talk

Even the Washington Post isn't crazy about this latest Bush maneuver
Using the argument that we're at war blah blah
& in times of war blah blah blah primordial soup
Blah blah dinosaurs
Blah blah blah primitive man blah blah
Risks blah blah Iraq blah blah biological blah blah veal cutlets

My son? Gulf War? blah blah blah These men?
Conspiracy against the American people? blah blah blah
Israel pulls our strings so we're going to fight their bullshit war blah
blah blah
Aliens stole it blah blah blah revenge blah blah blah
It's not nice to beat up otters blah blah take out the trash blah blah

That's the way most read anyway: Blah blah Revolutionary War
Blah blah statesman blah blah fiscal policies blah blah slain innocent

... Speaking of Canadian Politics I've just received another copy of that
Stop Bush War blah blah blah chain mail it's like
"Franklin Roosevelt this" and "Eleanor Roosevelt that" and
Peace this peace that make love not war blah blah blah cyber-skies real-time
Human parched-out void implosion plugs plugged networks data anxiety digital
MTV techno-war blah-blah materialism leads to theft, theft leads to war blah
blah blah

So and so (reading the card) nuclear war blah blah blah end of the world
Blah blah blah war blah blah Taliban

                                        *scritch* *scratch*

Blah blah

         *needle jumping*


Blah blah blah mayonnaise blah blah

Scenario 1: Something goes awry with the inspections deal
We go to war blah blah blah

Scenario 2: In the future sometime Humans have spread across the galaxy
Colonized planets yaddah, yaddah robots gone bad robot vs. human war
Blah blah

And we're fed that official line by the media that this film is the ultimate
Masterpiece in denouncing the horrors of war blah blah blah hankies out
Quote I like to drink unquote blah blah weapons of mass destruction

In the future there are no forests the world is shattered by war
Blah blah blah another day in dystopia blah blah ding dong
The Kennedys caught in the crossfire beween two men fighting over a woman
Soon they go to war blah blah blah you know the rest

Okay, okay ... so I'm not quite clear on my definition of
"Stuff came up we got in a war blah blah blah soldier blah blah
Kill Germans blah blah shootings of students and presidents blah blah"

                               "Hurry up, I'm bored"

"There was, like, this big war blah blah blah and it totally went on for

Relena hands the note to him and Quatre starts to read it out loud


Of war ... blah blah ... new puppy dogs and rubber ducky raft kids

Threat of nuclear war blah blah blah ..."

Take in and regurgitate facts blah blah
Hawkeye continues on about the value of human life
The stupidity of the army the stupidity of war blah blah blah

I'm sure artists, filmmakers, critics (real ones) will say things like
"Decent story decent acting decent action nuclear war blah blah blah"

I'm just seeing if this works ...