Jim Behrle

Choking Victim

do you feel sick? I feel sick

the automatic pilot is on
there are waitresses, projecting pangs

we're provoking combative nations
and I feel sick

in dreamy fugue, nothing can compel
up or down the tiresome staircases

so much dizziness with none of the
heavy drinking, c'mon, let's move to Tokyo

do you feel sick? or *sicker*?
or is it me

drifting leisurely between dimensions
hoping for blue flux to becalm
once and for all

if we had all of the answers it might
be fun, being in on the joke

at rest in diners, thinking eternity
or huevos rancheros?

Are you OK? I feel sick
under the nose of the G.O.P. expecting
ruin, but instead it's really funny

Jim Behrle edits can we have our ball back? and is the poetry editor of PINDELDYBOZ. His latest chapbook is RECENT SONIC NEWS (Please evict us). He's known for his elaborate and hilarious personal bios and he lives in Brookline, MA where he's alternately stoned and brokenhearted.