Jane Sprague


our phone triage system
our stereophonic sound. our surround sound. DVD (in the car of) us ['the pure products'] "America goes crazy" our sound a call waiting or sound of a door bell built in [we have no door no bell of] our faking Babylon our extra fancy or our sparkling snow in sunlight
(goes unnoticed) our glittersky our diminished line of headphones our carloads our baggage our new gifts unopened left at the doorstep of [Poor 'Elsie'] our fine trappings

our surround our placement in space our scorecard of stuff some such whistles pots bells clicks keys boards wine rope chain rings watches hair creams cloaks daggered doggerel
our currency of names our exchanges [exchequer] our "voluptuous water" in bottles our coca cola our brand name nation our global UPC our scanning the lines of our eminem our MARS our belonging our labeled paltry selves our currency of image our TV our poem our list our idea of people our phantom nation our splitting multitude our stagnant shove our luscious unburdening our delicate tendrils our choking bugle weed our patterns of lifelessness our laptop our notebook needle pen our toxic waste our CNN our ribbon text our symbol letters our simple pie our apple oysters. pearl.

our scope our proboscis our sweeping sky our voluptuous water our chiseled DNA our fabricated mystery our beautiful teachers our blacking blood our knackered soul our outrageous kindness our thieving stealing hand our supine missiles our armored mountains our gated lips our arteries of waste our warehoused elders our 'elderly objects' our vaulted minions our secret pride our public shame our verbs of dominion our theatre of killing our weapons of speech our cadre of convalescents our riddle of sanctions our blinded eye.

our sleeping with bulls our beary market our androgynous parent our double held our withheld social our nimble party tongue our blacked out network our deepest mesa our tokened hand our curried cancer our plural 'eyes' our extra lack our spurned catechism our smirked commission our brothers smack our sisters children our childrens vipers our flaying hearts our screeching weeping our blood to stain the walls our 'someplace else' our nasty candy our pawning vision our "Rape of Lucrece" our Caliban witness our Prospero's temper our public sly our tangled noblesse our recalcitrant oblige our jangled speech our tied tongue our threshold nation our bending breach our closed bridge our necessary transport our exportation our verbs of theft our offering jaundiced offer

our tattooed bride
our book unwritten
our roads to ply
our gasoline beverage
our unmapped heart
our breakfast mess kit
our pleasure tribe
our innocuous soldier
our ample drought
our pensive query
our distilling lie
our pure beef extraction
our simple churl
our jester chief [skipping dog]

woven parcel nailed knitting RU486 hemorrhage butterfly bloom particle field sterile field scan of nation our brother's girth our churning vision our extra eyeglasses our solar fusion our windmill spire our holy pantaloons our special empty.

pretty arsenal pregnant garbage rats in the wall surly lateness growing page rage of white [space] bleak new dawn devils playset plastic toy husbands spindly leopard season pelts of summer distant whore

one lying in darkness. turns on tv. one distracts of. destruction.
local disruption. our roman candle. our ancient broken adage.
our larger amphitheatre. invasion. the date of dominion.

our ships of invasion. at home. hand across a table. lovers nibbled hand.

our barbed wire kisses.
our branded conquest.
our colonized clothes.
our Nestle breast milk.

our sweet affliction.
our articles of possession.

our hour.
our task.
our time.