kari edwards

a napkin ring for my silent butter

oil is my baby - oil is the cock I suck daily - I am your oil spill soaked in
blood - I am mighty oil big joe oily big business oily big cock oily teen
idol big picture window greased up to be a big time show girl - I am your
school girl daddy - aren't you not going to fight for me and stick it
to'em big daddy - they took all my toys away and I want my candy back
big daddy - I want you to stick it in me - with your crude gushing into
the air I breathe - I am a enema of solid mass from the body politic
soaked in oil - I want to be your SUV - I want you to ride me from sea
-to-sea - I want you to take the pledge allegiance to my oil stained gills
drying on this pure white sandy beach - I am your congress here to fill
your pockets with neopolypropylene and big steel big deals new
production models and new quotas with decisive interdiction on the
ground with patriotic act ballistic missiles - this is the fail safe that fails
- this is a fail safe condom that bursts your oily jizm on my reproduction
system cloned to the bones for school child to nibble on during holidays
- I am your wet dream - I am your sugar plum fairy commodore in chief
wearing the declaration of independence war bonnet here to fill you
with my missile payload - you are my vocal cords twenty four hours a
day seven days a week - I am command and control and will let you eat
and speak when I say - I am the omnipresent oil lamp guiding you to
bring me your slaves and duty free liquor - I am your cigarettes you suck
on till my lights go out.