Kristin Palm

History I-IV


     With our own blood, we restructured Brooklyn. We toiled, we built unions. With redoubled efforts, yellow peril, the Shah. It didn't start yesterday. 100,000 at a time, tens of thousands of images, you need to see it that way. Good people do nothing. Immediate territory, multiplied again. I tell you, it's a rough ride.


     You must be able to corroborate. What are the scholars saying? I don't want to see you in or around revolution. This, for your own protection. Re-establish perceptions, abominable always. I do not trust anything I would read.


     Naked ambition, the lion owns a man. They call this phenomenon "blowback." This force found them, even so-called friends, I kid you not. Mass-packaged meals, the next wave of victims, the amount is wholly inadequate. But what a pleasure not to even know his name; this was not in anyone's plans. Inevitable impotence undermining the machinery - it will sink one way or another. The other side of this coin: they lifted the ban on kites. We will find in there some fragment of use. Our task is to live with ambivalence.


     There are two kinds of postmodern politics, that's what we're facing. Other people have been nervous for a long time. It's an old list, a clear threat to life and limb, which side do we stand on? We are in an announced war. That shows you where the continuum is. Tell us something we don't already -- Here, the unveiling takes place.