Robert Loye

The Destroyer

I am a destroyer, and I destroy the things I love, never taking the time to pray, laughing at the lord above.

I am a destroyer, and I kill without remorse, riding along side the devil, atop an apocalyptic horse.

I am a destroyer, and you may think you know my name, you can hide thinking that you've lost me, but I'll find you just the same.

I am a destroyer, and I set the land to flame, baptizing those in fire, giving life to those insane.

I am a destroyer, and I go the extra mile, reducing god's green earth to rubble, and I do it with a smile.

I am a destroyer, and you know my time has finally come, come gather for the slaughter, for the end has just begun.

Dark Poet Robert Loye

Spawned from the streets of Los Angeles CA, Dark Poet Robert Michael Loye has risen as one of the most original, disturbing writers that has dared to step into the flames of a modern contemporary nightmare. Deeply fearless and afraid, Loye portrays a mirror image of mass urban destruction, using his key of imagination to unlock the door of many a padded room.