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Poetics Program (Historical/Archival)
The Poetics List
Historical set of Wednesday at 4 posters and calendars (1990-2005)
PennSound archive of Poetics Program readings
1991 First Poetics Program flier: pdf
New Coast Conference flier (1993) : jpg
A Haven for Poet-Scholars: Poetry Program in Buffalo Blends Creativity and Criticism" by Liz McMillen in Chronicle of Higher Education, July 28, 1995: pdf
1999 Poetics Program flier / intro
"Letter from Buffalo" by Paul Quinn, TLS, June 30, 2000: pdf
A Web Site Grows New Poems, Sometimes Right Before Readers' Eyes [on the EPC], by Zoe Ingalls, Chronicle of Higher Education,July 25, 2000: pdf
Charles Bernstein's very brief history of Poetics Program
from chloroform: an aesthetics of critical writing, eds. Nick Lawrence & Alisa Messer(1997): annotated bibliographies of UB small press publications:
•Selected Bibliography of Buffalo Publications: 1960-1996 compiled by Kristin Prevallet:
• A History of Poetics at Buffalo: 1960-1990 a timeline from Cynthia Kimball & Taylor Brady: pdf
Syllabi from the first decade of the program:
Charles Bernstein
Loss Pequeño Glazier
Susan Howe
Dennis Tedlock
also linked via each author's home page

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