Kate Taylor Is (Mostly) Right About Penn's Hook-Up Culture

by Nicole Scott

Kate Taylor clearly did not speak to me during her year at Penn. Maybe that's because we never crossed paths. Or maybe that's because her New York Times piece on Penn's hook-up culture had no room for me.

I am a woman who maintained a committed relationship for three out of four years at Penn. Taylor's exposé doesn't just omit my relationship. It misses a wide spectrum of nuanced relationships that exist on campus, and in doing so, seriously mischaracterizes Penn's hookup culture.

To be fair, "Sex on Campus -- She Can Play That Game, Too" gets a lot right about Penn's general culture. As a 2013 graduate fresh off of campus, I know that many of Taylor's descriptions of my school's career-centric mindset are almost eerily (and perhaps, sadly) accurate.

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