A screening of the documentary Town Hall

Town Hall is an original documentary that explores grassroots politics in contemporary America. It casts an unflinching eye at Katy and John, two Tea Party activists from the battleground state of Pennsylvania, in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election. Town Hall moves beyond the rhetoric of 24-hour cable news to immerse the viewer in Katy and John's lives, exploring their worldviews and their politics through their everyday experiences.

This film is framed by debates reaching back to the country's founding, on the role of the federal government, the struggles between individual freedom and the common good, and the question of who is to be included in the American experiment.

The screening was part of the Critical Writing Seminar on "Democracy in America," and Co-Sponsored by Cinema Studies, Civic House, Critical Writing Program, College Houses and Academic Services, Department of History, Department of Political Science, Government and Politics Association and School of Social Policy and Practice.