Miriam Clinton, Critical Writing Fellow, discovers new prehistory of Crete

Critical Writing Fellow Miriam Clinton was recently recognized for her discovery of a new prehistoric culture on the Greek island of Crete. Clinton, an archeologist, presented her findings along with those of her colleagues at the Archaeological Institute of America's annual meeting in Chicago this winter. Her team's poster, "The Excavation at Mesolithic Damnoni: The Discovery of a New Culture on Crete" was judged the Best Poster of the conference. See it here (.pdf).

Dr. Clinton was part of a team which excavated in Damnoni in 2011 and 2013. The Damnoni site is the first excavation of the Mesolithic period (16,000-8000 BC) on the island and deepens our understanding of Cretan prehistory. The discovery of obsidian there demonstrates the earliest trade network on the island and may be may be among the oldest obsidian artifacts ever found in the Aegean.

At Penn, Dr Clinton teaches Critical Writing Seminars on ancient Troy and on archeological forgeries.