News About Our Critical Writing Faculty


Senior Writing Fellow in History, Paul Deveney, Callaghan's Journey to Downing Street* (Palgrave/MacMilan, 2012).

Senior Writing Fellow in History, Sara Byala's book is forthcoming in June: A Place That Matters Yet: John Gubbin's Museum, Africa in the Postcolonial World (University of Chicago)


Douglas Paletta, Associate Director of the Marks Family Writing Center, "Ethics, Capability and Neurodiversity" published in Ethics and Neurodiversity eds. Alexandra Perry and C.D. Herrera, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013.

Michael Burri, Writing Fellow in English, "Vienna: City of the Imagination," in World Film Locations: Vienna, ed. Robert Dassanowsky, University of Chicago Press, 2012.

Carla Lewandowski, Writing Fellow in Criminology, "Observations from within a State Fusion Center: Operations and Daily Routines," International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts Journal, November 2012.

Valerie Ross, Director of Critical Writing, and Acacia Parks (Assistant Professor of Psychology, Hiram College), "Writing critically about personal growth: A 'writing in the disciplines' course on happiness." Positive Psychology in Higher Education, ed. Acacia Parks. (Routledge Press, forthcoming)

Marian Makins, Instructor in Classics, "Refiguring the Roman Empire in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy," B. Rogers and B. Stevens, eds., Classical Traditions in Science Fiction, an entry in Oxford's Classical Presences series.


Jason Zuzga, Graduate Teaching Fellow in English, "Liquid Courage," in the Fall 2012 volume of The Paris Review