Gregory Corso: New Author Page

Posted 6/3/2017 (link)

Thanks to the efforts of the one-and-only Raymond Foye, we are very excited to announce a new author page for legendary Beat bard Gregory Corso. Hailed by confrere Allen Ginsberg as "a poet's Poet, his verse pure velvet, close to John Keats for our time, exquisitely delicate in manners of the Muse," who "has been and always will be a popular poet, awakener of youth, puzzlement & pleasure for sophisticated elder bibliophiles." He continues, judging Corso as "'Immortal' as immortal is, Captain Poetry exampling revolution of Spirit, his 'poetry the opposite of hypocrisy,' a longer, laughably unlaurelled by native prizes, divine Poet Maudit, rascal poet Villonesque and Rimbaudian whose wild fame's extended for decades around the world from France to China, World poet."

While there will be more recordings to come in the future, we launch our Corso author page with five complete readings plus an undated individual track ("Police") taken from the St. Mark's Poetry Project. The earliest of these recordings is a 1971 event at Duke University, followed by a 1985 reading as part of the "Art of Poetry" series at the San Francisco Art Institute, a 1991 reading at Brooklyn College, and a 1993 reading at Rutgers. There's also a rollicking New York City reading by Corso along with Ginsberg, Herbert Huncke, and John Wieners from 1992.

Again, we express our gratitude to Raymond Foye for his help in securing these recordings and permission to post them. We look forward to more wonderful Corso content in time.