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Robert Kelly

Recording for Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry, December 16, 2013

Full recording available here.

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, February 25, 2006

complete reading (31:27): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, Hosted by Leonard Schwartz

Episode #93: Listening Hard (30:08): MP3
Episode #99: Red Actions (58:30): MP3 (54MB)
Episode #159 Listening Through (59:18): MP3
Episode #202: Path and Counterpath (44:04): MP3
Episode #205: Fire Exit (30:31): MP3
Episode #271: The Loom (42:26): MP3

Appearing on Radio Poetique's Poetic Brooklyn, November 2004

  1. Keynote Reading CCCP (25:54): MP3
  2. Statement to CCCP; Experience (3:29): MP3
  3. The Secret Orator (2:16): MP3
  4. Meditation on the Pope (1:54): MP3
  5. Identity; Theology of Mind (2:21): MP3
  6. Walking to Auschwitz (6:47): MP3
  7. Sermo (2:16): MP3
  8. My Hair (3:12): MP3

Reading at the Writers Institute, Albany, March 29, 1996, recorded by Chris Funkhouser

complete reading (1:00:05): MP3

Reading at New College, San Francisco, January 23, 1980

Recording provided courtesy of David Levi Strauss.

complete recording (1:34:00): MP3

Also of Interest:

Kelly discusses Paul Blackburn on The Lipstick of Noise (5:30): MP3

(recording courtesy of Steve Evans)

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