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A Celebration of George Oppen's 100th Birthday
at the Kelly Writers House, April 7, 2008

introduction by Thomas Devaney (4:45): MP3

Michael Heller: "Oppen's Thematics: What Are Poets For?" (12:08): MP3

Tom Mandel: "Entitlement & Doubt (Postcards & Procrastination)" (11:41): MP3
(click for photos of the postcard [front & back] and envelope Mandel discusses in his talk)

Ann Lauterbach: "George Oppen: How Shall I Speak?"; Lauterbach's poem, "Oppen's Way" (8:40): MP3

George Economou: "Inside a Tale that is Full of Eyes;" Economou's poem, "Identified;" Oppen's poem, "Psalm" (13:20): MP3
(click to read the program from the 1973 Thomas Jefferson College National Poetry Festival, which Economou mentions in his talk)

Stephen Cope: excerpts from Oppen's daybooks (15:10): MP3

Al Filreis: "Oppen's Antifascism: Guilt in 'Myth of the Blaze'" (14:08): MP3
(read Filreis' essay on his blog)
(hear Rachel Blau DuPlessis' reading of "Myth of the Blaze," mentioned in Filreis' talk: MP3)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis: "Section 9: Of Being Numerous" (7:54): MP3

Ron Silliman: "Three Regrets for George Oppen" (7:49): MP3
(read Silliman's essay on his blog)

Bob Perelman "Oppen's Knowledge" (14:12): MP3

Thomas Devaney: on Mary Oppen's Meaning A Life (14:48): MP3


click here for photos from the Oppen Centennial event

to hear Oppen read his own work, be sure to visit PennSound's George Oppen author page

a PDF of the program for the evening can be found here

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