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The Philly Sound: New Poetry Weekend

Kelly Writers House, August 9, 2003

9x9 Panel, hosted by CA Conrad, featuring Jim Behrle, Edmund Berrigan, Jim Cory, hassen, Sofia Memon, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, Deborah Richards, Molly Russakoff, and Prageeta Sharma
Complete discussion (1:30:39; section missing at 1:26:16): MP3

Reading, hosted by Tom Devaney, featuring Erik Sweet, Kathy Lou Schultz, and Don Riggs
Introduction by Tom Devaney (0:47): MP3
Don Riggs (6:52): MP3
Kathy Lou Schultz (7:06): MP3
Erik Sweet (6:05): MP3
Complete reading (22:06): MP3

Reading, hosted by Molly Russakoff, featuring Ish Klein, Daniel Labeau, Bob Gallagher, Allie D'Augustine, Michael D.-Azreal, Elizabeth Scanlon
Michael D.-Azreal (6:46): MP3
Elizabeth Scanlon (14:22): MP3
Ish Klein (10:44): MP3
Bob Gallagher (13:09): MP3
Complete reading (45:58): MP3

Reading, hosted by Chris McCreary, featuring Barbara Cole, Jen Coleman, Carol Mirakove, Pattie McCarthy, Katherine Folk-Sullivan, and Leo White
Barbara Cole (9:06): MP3
Jen Coleman (5:36): MP3
Katherine Folk-Sullivan (7:22): MP3
Pattie McCarthy (6:56): MP3
Carol Mirakove (10:25): MP3
Leo White (3:54): MP3
Complete reading (44:03): MP3

Reading, hosted by Greg Fuchs, featuring Mariana Ruiz Firmat, Buck Downs, Chris Toll, Betsy Fagin, and David Kirschenbaum
David Kirschenbaum (9:58): MP3
Mariana Ruiz Firmat (5:05): MP3
Chris Toll (10:29): MP3
Betsy Fagin (13:29): MP3
Buck Downs (8:00): MP3
Greg Fuchs (1:32): MP3
Complete reading (48:42): MP3

Reading, hosted by Mytili Jagannathan, featuring Kazim Ali, Nijimie Dzurinko, Sofia Memon, Vani Natarajan, Laura Smith, Magdalena Zurawski
Sofia Memon (11:55): MP3
Magdalena Zurawski (10:55): MP3
Kazim Ali (10:39): MP3
Vani Natarajan (6:28): MP3
Laura Smith (7:12): MP3
Nijimie Dzurinko (12:33): MP3
Complete reading (1:01:22): MP3

Reading, hosted by Frank Sherlock, featuring Eileen Myles, Kaia Sand, Jules Bykoff, John Coletti, Fran Ryan, and Kyle Conner
Eric Keenaghan (7:25): MP3
Kyle Conner (10:14): MP3
Kaia Sand (9:38): MP3
Fran Ryan (7:38): MP3
John Coletti (3:56; incomplete recording): MP3
Complete reading (39:14; John Coletti reading incomplete): MP3

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