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Six Fillious Reading
Segue Series event at the Ear Inn, February 7, 1979

Six Fillious by bpNichol / Robert Filliou; Steve McCaffery / George Brecht;
Dick Higgins / Dieter Roth (Membrane Press, Milwaukee: 1978)

Readings by Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Charlie Morrow, Paul Dutton,
Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Steve McCaffery,

1. Dick Higgins' Introduction (2:29): MP3

Two examples of Homolinguistic Translation:
2. Steve McCaffery, "101 0s 1n" (3:08): MP3
3. Dick Higgins, "No More Tube Loose" (1:44): MP3

"No. 2 Rock" (Line by line for all six translations):
Knowles reads the original French, Dutton reads Nichols' translation of the French (a language he doesn't know), Morrow reads Roth's German translation, Higgins reads his translation of this German (a language he doesn't know), Brecht's original translation is read by Barreto-Rivera, McCaffery reads his homolinguistic translation of Brecht's English translation.
4. "No 2. Rock" (11:59): MP3

"No. 4 Blues" (Uninterrupted readings):
5. Alison Knowles reads Robert Filliou (French) (2:46): MP3
6. Paul Dutton reads bpNichols' "No. 4 Blaze" (English
transformation from the original French) (1:24): MP3
7. Charlie Morrow reads Dieter Roth (German) (1:33): MP3
8. Dick Higgins reads his "No More Foibles" (English
transformation from Roth's German version) (1:31): MP3
9. Rafael Barreto-Rivera reads Geroge Brecht (1:02): MP3
10. Steve McCaffery reads "No. 4 Blouse" (Homolinguistic Translation of Brecht) (1:07): MP3

Steve McCaffery reads two songs:
11. "Red No. 4" (dedicated to Myra) (1:25): MP3
12. "In to Lose" (2:44): MP3

Dick Higgins reads his translation of the final section:
13. "Slut" (2:46): MP3

complete reading (35:42): MP3

Read more about Six Fillious in an essay by publisher Karl Young available here.

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