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Fall 2015 pick

Spring 2015 pick

Spring 2011 picks

  • Will Alexander: A National Day at Bangladesh
  • Guillaume Apollinaire: Le Pont Mirabeau
  • John Ashbery: For John Clare
  • Brenda Coultas: The Abolitionist's Journal
  • Ronald Johnson: Heatstrings Reading, 1989
  • Bernadette Mayer: from Studying Hunger, "Blondie"
  • Fred Moten: Fugitivity is imminent to the thing but is manifest transversely
  • Lorine Niedecker: Reading from the Factory School Archive
  • M. Nourbese Philip: Zong 5
  • Claudia Rankine: Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Pt. 1
  • Leslie Scalapino: that they were at the beach—aeolotropic series
  • Selected by Marcella Durand (read more about these selections on PennSound Daily)

    Fall 2008 picks

    Selected by Stephen McLaughlin (read more about these selections on PennSound Daily)

    Spring 2008 picks

    Spring 2007/2008 picks

    --Selected by Eric Baus

    Winter 2006/2007 picks

    --Selected by Tom Devaney
    Tom Devaney's "Death Poems & PennSound" is a commentary on this selection.

    Spring 2006 picks

    --Selected by Marjorie Perloff

    Fall 2005 picks

    --Selected by Steve Evans
    More info and commentary: Lipstick of Noise

    August 2005 picks

    --Selected by Al Filreis