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miPOradio: where poetry tunes in...
miPOradio POdcast, where poetry tunes in, is an audio presentation for MiPOesias Magazine.
Our programs feature current and past contributors and a variety of live readings, audio columns and interviews. Produced by Didi Menendez.

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Ron Androla
A Poet Is (1:38)
Four and Twenty Yellow Birds (1:27)
I want to be a painter (1:07)
Reduction (0:45)
The Days Behind Our Heads (1:18)

Pris Campbell
El Culo De Bettie (1:27)
God's Messenger (1:19)
Want (1:56)

Nick Carbo
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (6:09)

Innuendoes with Grace Cavalieri
Disk n Dat (5:19): MP3
Dates (6:41): MP3
Jung's Poem (6:33): MP3
Roland Flint (4:47): MP3
Holocaust (4:51): MP3
Lunch with Robert (3:44): MP3
Letters from Italy (3:22): MP3
Senior Prom (4:49): MP3
Things Come and Go (8:41): MP3
Ahmos, Ethelbert and Me (6:41): MP3
Death by Their Own Hands (6:27): MP3
Poets in Prison (4:55): MP3

Bruce Covey
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (7:47)

Linh Dinh
The most beautiful word (1:36)
A Smooth Life (7:13)
Childhood in Vermont (1:09)
Vocab Lab (1:42)
Which Not (0:56)
My Buttocks (translation) (1:55)
Why Pay Taxes and Demarcations (2:36) Pennsound mirror

Other Linh Dinh readings on PennSound

Denise Duhamel
The Accident (2:58)
Mobiusstrip poem (2:48)

AnnMarie Eldon
Escape (1:56)

Gabriel Gudding
Some Thoughts on Dung (8:01)
My Buttocks (1:57)
A Defense of Poetry (4:17)
from Rhode Island Notebook (9:57)

Birdie Jaworski
Three Pattern Dog (1:08)
Cosmetic Insurrection (1:50)
Vote My Soul (0:50)

Amy King
The Art Of War With Myself (1:19)
Lip-Synching Day into Night (1:48)
Declarative Substance (0:50)
Autobiographical Encounter (2:02)
The Marriage of Birthdays (0:46)

John Korn
This Looks Like Tim (1:01)
Uncle Ray Wants To Talk (2:16)
Beyond The Shell (2:10)
Elvis And Me (4:17)
Barberella & The Rainbow (2:08)
Bus Three Old Man (0:31)
Misses Handsome (4:26)
Frank's Home (3:16)
Downtown Pittsburgh (1:04)

David Lehman
Interview and Poems (35:26)

Reb Livingston
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (5:05)

Gianmarc Manzione
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (8:42)

Gwendolyn Mintz
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (4:29)

Barbra Nightingale
Three poems (3:17)
The Art of Removal (2:15)

P.F. Potvin
People Like That (00:44)
The Kettle Clock (00:40)
Perhaps, Eaten (00:47)

Diego Quiros
MiPOesias reading, November 11, 2005 (3:39)

Christopher Salerno
Whirlygig (11:56)
Pennsound mirror

Ron Silliman
Desert City reading at Chapel Hill, NC. March 2, 2006 (35:41)
Reading at Kutztown State University, Kutztown, PA. March 6, 2006 (39:48)

Marcus Slease

from Resident Alien (6:11)

Laurel Snyder
Nellie in the Dark (1:17)

David Trinidad
Wedding Night (2:03)

Sawako Nakayasu
Units (1:41)


The Secret Life of Ron Androla
Interview with Birdie Jaworski (1:03:14)

Richard Peabody
Interview with Laurel Snyder (13:11)

Linh Dinh
Amy King interviews Linh Dinh from the Bowery Poetry Club (21:28)
Other Linh Dinh readings on PennSound

Ron Padgett
Interview with Amy King from Manhattan, New York
Part One (42:41)
Part Two (33:20)
Other Ron Padgett readings on PennSound

Elaine Equi
Interview with Amy King (45:43)

Ron Silliman
Amy King interviews Ron Silliman from the Bowery Poetry Club, November 19, 2005 (1:24:02)
Other Ron Silliman readings on PennSound

Scott Pierce
Interview with Marcus Slease and live reading at Blue Door (59:35)

Janet Holmes
Amy King interviews Janet Holmes, November 20, 2005 (31:14)
Pennsound mirror

Interviews: On Location with Grace Cavalieri
(Orignially recorded for the Library of Congress)

November 14, 2006
Amy King (59:03): MP3

November 21, 2006
Donald Hall (58:02): MP3

December 12, 2006
Louise Gluck (55:30): MP3

Readings and Panels Discussions

Virtually Infinite: The Broad Reach and Vast Potential of the Online Literary Journal
Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on March 2, 2007

AWP Pussipo Reading
Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on March 2, 2007

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These recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to MiPOesias Magazine and the authors. © 2005-2007. Used with permission of Didi Menendez.
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