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At SUNY—Buffalo, New York, March 31, 1995

Robert Creeley, Susan Howe, Charles Bernstein

Robert Creeley

  1. Introduction (2:50)
  2. Histoire de Florida (18:24)

Susan Howe

  1. "Scattering As Behaviour Toward Risk" (6:19), from Singularities ( Wesleyan University Press, 1990).
  2. EPC Resource: Ming-Qian Ma discusses this poem.
  3. "The Non-Conformist Memorial" (14:08) from The Nonconformist’s Memorial (New York: New Directions,1993).


Complete Recording: MP3

  1. Echo Off (Use Other Entrance): (from With Strings) (7:28)MP3
  2. Photo Opportunity (from Girly Man) (3:30): MP3
  3. Taps (In Memorian Eric Mottram) (from My Way: Speeches and Poems) (1:55): MP3
  4. Get Real (from Residual Rubbernecking [in Republics of Reality]) (1:01): MP3
  5. Whose He Kidding (from My Way: Speeches and Poems) (3:29): MP3
  6. Unzip Bleed (from My Way: Speeches and Poems) (6:29): MP3
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