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E, no. 3. 2020

E was a magazine of experimental and performance writing with a particular interest in visual, concrete, and sound poetry, edited by poet/performer Marshall Reese and composer Eugene Carl. There were two issues published in 1976. A note on the back cover of no. 2 states "next issue will be cassette or lp." Material for no. 3 was gathered though not published until now.

Released as Slowscan Records Volume 48. Find more information including background and liner notes at this Granary Books entry on the record.

Side 1

Steve McCaffery

  1. Cappuccino: A Suffix Story for Henri Poincaré (2:31): MP3


  1. When What Whole Wheat Means Meant That1 (8:32): MP3

Greta Monach

  1. Excerpt from Fonergon 1 (1:23): MP3
  2. Excerpt from Fonergon 2 (1:24): MP3

Jackson Mac Low

  1. The First Sharon Belle Matla Vocabulary Gatha (10:53): MP3

Side 2

Vladan Radovanovic

  1. Untitled (5:48): MP3

Irrepressible Bastards (cris cheek and Lawrence Upton)

  1. Untitled (8:03): MP3

Hannah Weiner

  1. Excerpt2 from Clairvoyant Journal (3:32): MP3

Gene Carl

  1. Words and Music by Gene Carl (6:13): MP3

1CoAccident: Kirby Malone, Chris Mason, Ellen Carter, Alec Bernstein, Mitch Pressman, Marshall Reese, sound poetry music performance group, Baltimore 1978-1980. Recorded and mixed at Peabody Conservatory of Music, additional mastering William Moylan.

2Note that this recording is available in its entirety on PennSound, digitized from a cassette issued by New Wilderness Audiographics in 1978. See the full PennSound listing for full recordings and credits.

© 2020 all respective artists. These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the authors and/or their estates. Distributed with permission of the authors and/or their estates by PennSound.