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EPC Dance

Introduction: Guillemets

Choreographer: Dana Bojarski & Loss Pequeño Glazier

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("Four Guillemets")

Dancer: Dana Bojarski

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2. Reading the Wind

Choreographer: Julie Marazzo

Poetry/Film: David (Jhave) Johnston "Reading the Wind"

Dancers: Megan Baltar, Sarah Dodd, Angelica Mammoliti, Fallon Martin, Juliana Wiley

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3. Talk to Me

Choreographer: Andrea Fitzpatrick

Video: Cathleen Grado's "Niagra"

Music: Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters, "Talk to Me (for Don Cherry)">/p>

Dancers: Bryan Acosta, Trevor Hubble, Kayla Jowski, Ally Pawlowski, Sarah Roncone

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4. Elucidation (prawie czysty)

Choreographer: Megan Rutkowski

Poetry/Music: Courage with Robert Creeley, ("I Dreamed I Dwelt")

Video: Whitney Anne Trettien, ("deux ex pagina")

Dancers: Kylie Horton, Sadie McNamara, Naomi Pitts, Alexis Racanello, Katie Wawrzaszek

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5. Fixation

Choreographer: Taylor Lipsey

Poetry/Film: Joerg Piringer, ("wire alle")

Dancers: Kaitlin Bontrager, Erin Kopasz, Fallon Martin, Emily McCormick, Shannon O'Dea, Maggie Zuffranieri

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6. Conformed

Choreographer: Jenny Alperin

Film: Ralh Steiner ("Mechanical Principles", 1930)

Dancers: Bryan Acosta, Megan Baltar, Shelby Bonetti, Lexi Julian, Naomi Pitts, Talia Putrino, Johanna Taylor

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7. The Flocking

Choreographer: Emily Wilhelm

Music: Arranged and orchestrated by Jarbas Agnelli

Video: "Birds on the Wire"

Dancers: Jen Apter, Dana Bojarski, Allyson Buttram, Becca Corbin, Maria Cwiklinski, Sarah Dodd, Lisa Kaemmerlen, Emily McCormick, Julie Mondrick, Stephanie Ohman

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8. Wall: Two: Wall

Choreographer: Kerry Ring

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("Wall: Two: Wall")

JavaScript concept: Patrick Jameson, Joe Peacokc, and Nate Burgers

Music: Andry Monroe ("For Elisa")

Dancers: Angelica Mammoliti, Evan Mathew Stewart

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9. A mark left...

Choreographer: Tressa Gorman Grehan

Poetry: Margento (from "hora asympotica")

Dancers: Autumn Evans-Wilent, Paige Marsteller, Talia Putrino

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10. An Ageless Certainty

Choreographer: Joyce Miller Lichtenberger

Videopoetry: George Aguilar, "An Ageless Certianty" based on "The Haven" by Guy Johnson

Music: Fiona Joy Hawkins, (Opus Rain 3rd Movement) "The Assent"

Dancers: Savannah Brueckman, Jessica Caraciolo, Angela Disorbo, Lilibeth Javier, Sarah Lester, Alissa Nigro, Mary Pappagallo, Deja Stevens, Christina White

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11. Arabesque

Choreographer: Stephanie Ohman

Film: John Whitney ("Arabesque", 1975)

Music: Manoochehr Sageghi

Dancers: Haley Bjorn, Rachel Hospers, Colleen McLenigan, Alyssa Oliveri, Alexander Pawloski, Naomi Pitts, Katie Wawraszek

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Ballet Mecanique, 1924

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Choreographer: Brianna Jahn

Poetry: Jhave

Dancers: Kate Kenyon, Ashley Peters, Holli Simme, Samantha Will

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Ce Dangereux Supplement

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Dark Eyes

Choreographer: Kerry Ring

Musicians: Birch Crescent Duo (Sterling Tyler, viola & Colin Deayl, marimba)

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier

Dancers:Haley Bjorn, Caitlyn Green, Michaela Neild, Emily Vick

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Digital Poetry, 2012: Introduction

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("Etymon/Encarnatión")

Dancer: Sarah Burns

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Disheveled Mind

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Disposable Language

Choreographer: Ashley Peters

Poetry: Talan Memmott ("NONCE.EXECUTOR")

Dancers: Samantha Crosby, Danielle Delong, Julie Marazzo, Kristina Merrill, Shannon Moore, Megan Rutkowski, Holli Simme, Julia Tomanovich, Emily Wilhe

Link to video

Do Not Forget It

Choreographer: Sarah Burns

Poetry: Pierre Alferi (Ne I'oublie pas")

Dancers: Jennifer Apter, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Jessia Nagler, Julie Spendal, Farrah Thompson, Jessica Walts

Link to video


Choreographer: Allyson Buttram

Poetry:n Johannes Heldén, "Elect"

Music: Balmorhea, "The Winter"

Dancers: Dana Colligan, Taylor Heaphy, Brittany Hill, Colleen McLenigan, Julia Ryerson

Link to video

E-Poetry Dance

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Etymon a Poem by Loss Pequeno Glazier, 2013

An exploration of the multi-textual possibilites of literary variants that interchange within the lines of the poem

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Expansive Mayhem

Choreographer: Julia Tedesco and Ellie Sanna

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("lo Sono at Swoons")

Dancers: Melissa Hunt, Marika Matsuzak, Stephanie Ohman, Sammi Pfieffer, Samantha Will, Jessica Viglianco

Link to video

Girasol, 2008

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Gltich, 2008

Choreographer: Trevor Hubble

Poetry: Mez Breeze, "Wish4[0] Extracts"

Dancers: Allyson Buttram, Paige Marstellar, Mari Perrella, Naomi Pitts, Maddie Wiechec

Link to video

Guaniquiqui, 2009

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Lo Sono At Swoons (Lauange Encoding), 2002

"Lo Sono At Swoons", Loss Pequeño Glazier

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Lo Sono At Swoons (Middle Orange - Media Naranja Exerpt), 2010

"Lo Sono At Swoons", Loss Pequeño Glazier

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Middle Orange - Media Naranja (Complete), Para Francis, 2010

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Middle Orange - Media Naranja (Trailer), 2010

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Mudejar Alcanzar

Choreographer: Loss Pequeño Glazier and Alexis Racanello

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier, "Mudejar, Alcázar"

Dancer: Alexis Racanello

Link to video

petit petit

Choreographer: Alexis Racanello

Poetry: Pierre Alferi ("Lapin" and "Elvin Jones")

Music: Rodolphe Burger

Dancers: Samantha Crosby, Maria Cwiklinski, Olivia Graves, Julie Mondrick, Sammi Pfeiffer, Johanna Taylor

Link to video

Poetics of Programming

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Pop of Red

Choreographer: Lexi Julian

Léger/Murphy ("Ballet Mécanique" 1924)

Libre, Creative Music, 2013)

Dancers: Shelby Bonetti, Caitlyn Green, Fallon Martin, Melissa Perry, Naomi Pitts, Emily Vicik, Julianna Willey

Link to video


Choreographer: Sammi Pfeiffer

Poetry: John Cage ("Dream")

Music: john Cage from In a Landscape, performed by Stephen Drury

Dancers: Kristen Fish, Trevor Hubble, Kayla Jowski, Julie Mondrick, Alexis Racanello, Sean Ryan, Johanna Taylor, Katie Wawrzaszek

Link to video

Rhythmus 21

Choreographer: Shelley Hain

Film: Hans Richter (1921)

Music: Sue Harshe

Dancer: Danielle Delong

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Signal Box

Choreography: Hayley Sunshine

Poetry: Ian Hatcher ("Control Relay Logic")

Dancers: Kara Hodges, Brianna Jahn, Ashlee Lodico, Marika Matsuzak, Megan Starnes

Link to video

Stirring Shawdows

Choreographer: Kerry Ring

Music: Ludovico Einaudi, "Newton's Cradle"

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier, "Serif, Seraphim, Shadow"

Dancers: Sydney Hale, Cody Holland, Jessica Levin

Link to video


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Territorio Libre (Middle Orange - Media Naranja Exerpt), 2010

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The World As Yours

Choreography: Kerry Ring

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier

Music: "White Man Sleeps" composed by Kevin Volans, performed by The Kronos Quartet

Dancers: Julia Tedeso, Ellie Sanna, Meghan Starnes

Link to video

The Not Moth

Choreographer: Loss Pequeño Glazier and Shannon O'Dea

Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier ("The Not-Moth")

Dancers: Shannon O'Dea

Link to video


Choreographer: Kristina Merrill

Poetry: Joerg Piringer ("Broe Sell")

Dancers: Jenny Alperin, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Kara Hodges, Stephanie Ohman, Lexi Julian

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Choreographer: Julianna Willey

Poetry: Wayne Clements, "VALE"

Music: Tycho, "Daydream"

Dancers: Chloe Dean, Madison Dixon, Rachel Hospers, Amber Raguckas, Madison Rutherford

Link to video

Voiced Unvoiced

Choreography/sound/dancer: Catherine Siller

Text concept: Excerpts from Judith Butler, Bodies That Matter, modified by Catherine Siller

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White Faded Bromeliads on 20 Hectares (Middle Orange - Media Naranja Excerpt), 2010

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