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Bernadette Mayer and Lee Ann Brown


photos©2007 Charles Bernstein/PennSound

Reading together at the Kelly Writers House, September 13, 2007
  1. Complete Reading (1:10:56): MP3
  2. Welcome from Jessica Lowenthal (3:10): MP3
  3. Introduction by Charles Bernstein (6:04): MP3
  4. Mayer and Brown: You'll Be Hearing from Me (4:46): MP3
  5. Mayer: Vacation (1:16): MP3
  6. Brown: Almighty Fortresses Open Your Doors (0:57): MP3
  7. Mayer: Sonnet: You Jerk, You Didn't Call Me (1:17): MP3
  8. CAConrad: Sonnet: You Jerk, You Didn't Call Me (1:18): MP3
  9. Brown: Master Play Pop Culture Snow School (1:19): MP3
  10. Mayer: Sci-Fi-ed Lee Ann (3:41): MP3
  11. Brown: Not for Mothers Only Note (2:36): MP3
  12. Mayer: Rural Drama (0:35): MP3
  13. Brown: Up in Arms (1:03): MP3
  14. Mayer: Failures in Infinitives (4:07): MP3
  15. Brown: Eighth Month Couplets (5:49): MP3
  16. Mayer: I'm Nobody, Who Are You, or, I'm Still in the Same State, or, I Haven't Gotten Far: Homage to Maureen Owen (1:00): MP3
  17. Mayer: Don't Avoid Disappearance Sonnet (1:24): MP3
  18. Brown: Fractured Uppercase Collage Renga (2:43): MP3
  19. Mayer: Wren War Blur Sonnet (1:44): MP3
  20. Brown: Ballad of Vertical Integration (1:52): MP3
  21. Mayer: Whistle Stop Sleeper (1:24): MP3
  22. Brown: What Is the Grass? (1:03): MP3
  23. Mayer: Chocolate Poetry Sonnet (1:02): MP3
  24. Brown: Filter: Writing in the Dark (excerpt) (2:08): MP3
  25. Mayer: The Red Rose Doesn't, The Red Rose Does (2:07): MP3
  26. Brown: Phallus Filter Phaedra (2:07): MP3
  27. Mayer: Images and Phrases from Shakespeare's Sonnets and Jack Kerouac's Desolation Angels (3:01): MP3
  28. Brown: Ballad of Winston-Salem (3:27): MP3
  29. Mayer: Inky Dinky Parlez Vous (0:44): MP3
  30. Brown: Arrow (1:47): MP3

Bernadette Mayer's Close Listening Conversation with Charles Bernstein (28:09): MP3

Lee Ann Brown's Close Listening Conversation with Charles Bernstein (28:38): MP3

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These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. Readings © 2007 Bernadette Mayer and Lee Ann Brown. Close Listening shows © 2007 Charles Bernstein. Used with permission of the authors. Distributed by PennSound.