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Celebration of OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism

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Complete Recording (53:14): MP3

1. First Introduction (2:53): MP3
2. Second Introduction (5:23): MP3

Alexander Vvedensky:
3. Rug/Hydrangea (6:32): MP3
4. Rug/Hydrangea (in Russian) (6:07): MP3

Nikolai Zabolotsky:
5. The Test of the Will (4:42): MP3

Daniil Kharms:
6. An American story (1:50): MP3
7. A Magazine Article (2:36): MP3
8. The Four Legged Crow (1:32): MP3
9. Title Unknown (in Russian) (1:02): MP3
10. Anecdotes From the Life of Pushkin (0:53): MP3
11. The Blue Notebook No. 10 (1:15): MP3
12. The Blue Notebook No. 10 (In Russian) (0:44): MP3
13. The Werld (7:27): MP3

Nikolai Oleinikov:
14. Charles Darwin (2:37): MP3
15. Gluttony: A Ballad (2:51): MP3

Yakov Druskin
16. Letter to Daniil Kharms (2:56): MP3
17. Letter to Daniil Kharms (in Russian) (1:53): MP3

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